Composite method of coppe clad aluminum material
The production of copper clad aluminum material is a hot-melt rolling technology. Compared with other composite technologies, it greatly improves the peel strength of copper clad aluminum composites, whether it is shearing, bending, stretching or punching. No stratification.

For copper clad aluminum composites, the interface bonding strength between copper and aluminum is very critical. If the interface bonding strength is not high, copper and aluminum layering will occur during processing. The solid phase composite method is to form a composite layer by mechanical pressure and natural diffusion between copper and aluminum. The composite method is a combination of copper and aluminum at a certain temperature to form a composite layer of a certain thickness. Therefore, the solid-liquid combined process method has a higher interface bonding strength than the solid-phase combined process.

copper clad pcb board

When the interface bonding strength is not high, the requirements on the processing equipment are also very demanding, which is not convenient for general users to process.