Copper clad aluminum bimetal
The copper clad aluminum bimetal is a new type of composite material. The composite material combines the advantages of both copper and aluminum materials, that is, it not only has the advantages of high electrical and thermal conductivity, low contact resistance, and beautiful appearance, but also copper. It also has the advantages of light weight and corrosion resistance.The copper clad aluminum bimetal we produce use a new metal dynamic clad technology, it is a new technology developed from explosion processing technology.

copper clad aluminum bimetal

1.Advanced mechanical processing technology: solid-liquid processing technology, so that copper and aluminum are permanently and firmly combined in an oxygen-free environment. We have applied for a national patent certificate in China and obtained ISO9000 certification.
2.It has good stability, excellent deep drawing and tensile properties, can withstand 90 degrees bending without separation.
3.High temperature resistant and corrosion resistant (no separation at 500°C).

4.It has good mechanical properties, flexibility and ductility.
5.The electrical conductivity is more than 92%, it can completely replace pure copper, and the same volume greatly saves cost, so it is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
6.Wear resistance, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, and low cost.

copper clad aluminum bimetal

copper clad aluminum bimetal
1. Power industry (conductive industry)
2. Building decoration industry
3. Automotive industry
4. Shipping
5. LED light solar reflector
6. Air conditioner radiator
Grade: 1000 Series Temper: H24 H16 H14 H18 Type: sheet,coil,plate,
Application: Conductive industry,Decoration,
Photovoltaic material
Thickness: 0.1-15mm Width: 30-2000mm
Surface Treatment: Coated Alloy Or Not: Non-alloy Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Signi Model Number: Cu-Al plate Technique: Solid-Liquid machining process

Technical Parameter :

Secification(thickness * width) 1-15mm * 30-2000mm
Coer and Aluminum weight ratio Cu:AL 32%-40%: 60%-68%
Coer and Aluminum volume ratio Cu:AL 15-20: 80-85
Density(g/cm3) 3.5-3.9
Resistivity(Ωmm2/m) <0.019
Tensile Strength(N/mm2) >120
Elongation (%) 27-38
eeling Strength(N/mm) >12