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copper clad aluminum foil
The copper clad aluminum foil produced by our factory is manufactured by patented continuous industrial production under high temperature and high pressure and anaerobic conditions, which fundamentally solves the problem of oxidation and eutectic between the two metal transition layers, effectively guaranteeing both The bonding strength and bonding ratio between metals ensure the productivity.

Copper clad aluminum foil product size: thickness 0.1mm ~ 0.25mm, width 125mm ~ 400mm, single roll weight ≥ 100kg.

copper clad aluminum foil

The advantages of our products:

1. The interface will not generate galvanic corrosion. Under high temperature and anaerobic conditions, there is no condition for generating electrolyte between the two metals, and thus no electrochemical corrosion occurs.

2. The subsequent processing of the product adopts continuous rolling of large strip and on-line bright annealing process. The product quality is stable and the plate type is good.

3. According to the different conditions of use of the customer, products in various states such as hard, semi-hard, and soft states can be provided.

4. Wide range of processing. It can produce a variety of products with a thickness of 0.02mm~15mm and a width of ≤1000mm.

5 excellent mechanical properties, can meet the bending, drilling, deep drawing and other deep processing.

7. Small density, cost savings, and environmental friendliness.

copper clad aluminum foil

copper clad aluminum foil

The copper clad aluminum foil is a composite material in which one layer of copper strip is composited on one side or both sides of the aluminum material. It not only has the advantages of good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, low contact resistance, easy electroplating and aesthetic appearance of the copper material, but also has the characteristics of light weight, excellent heat dissipation, and economical characteristics of aluminum materials. It is Widely used in electronics, communications, electrical appliances, power, heat dissipation, automotive, architectural decoration, living appliances, conductive industry (a variety of electronic tape, shielded cable foil, etc.); thermal conductivity industry (various heat sinks, solar collectors, photovoltaic materials Wait).
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