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Copper clad steel plate sheet
We produce copper clad steel plate, which are copper plates and steel plates, welded together by means of explosion-composite methods, explosion-rolling methods, etc. New materials that cannot be separated.

Product features: It has the advantages of anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, aesthetics, and low cost.

copper clad steel plate

copper clad steel sheet

The copper clad steel sheet new material also has the advantages of both copper and steel materials. This material has high advantages in terms of electrical conductivity, welding, and corrosion resistance, and it has a high degree of incorporation of steel properties. The strength is an integrated functional material, which has the advantage that a single copper and steel cannot be compared.

Copper clad steel plate is widely used and can be used in heating, heat-exchange equipment production, electronics and electrical fields, metallurgy, military industry, machinery, transportation and other fields.

copper clad stainless steel plate

copper clad stainless steel sheets

Copper clad stainless steel plate sheets can be used in cookware, the stainless steel pots used daily have poor thermal conductivity and are prone to localized high temperature and sticky pans, while the copper clad stainless steel cookware solve this problem because copper has good thermal conductivity.

The use of copper-steel composite materials instead of copper and copper alloys for roofing in the field of architectural decoration, the frame of doors and windows, and the ventilation windows of roofs are not only beautiful, but also have high strength and low cost.

copper clad stainless steel plate

copper clad stainless steel sheets

Due to the excellent performance of both copper and steel, copper clad steel plate is also widely used in other fields. For example, in the automotive industry, copper clad steel sheet is used to make heat exchangers, synchronizer cone rings, reducer worm gears, and bearing bushes in metallurgy. In industry, copper clad steel sheet is used as electrodes for electroplating technology, processing electrodes for discharge, and grounding rods.
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