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Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire(ECCA wire)
Enameled copper clad aluminum wire is a lightweight, cost-effective wire that combines the characteristics of copper and aluminum.
Copper clad Aluminum Wire
We manufacturer and provide high quality copper clad aluminum wire used for electric power,construction,communications and other industries.
Copper clad aluminum
Meisitu is a well-known copper clad aluminum manufacturer,our products include:copper clad aluminum sheet,copper clad aluminum busbar and so on.
Explosive welding al-cu bimetal clad
We are professional al-cu bimetal manufacturer and supplier,our products include:Explosive welding al-cu clad plate sheet and so on.
copper clad aluminum tube pipe
We offer high quality copper clad aluminium tube pipe with reasonable price.
bimetallic copper aluminum washer
We are professional bimetal washers supplier´╝î we supply high quality bimetallic al-cu washers.
copper clad aluminum strip
We produce and supply high quality bimetallic plate strip aluminum and copper while providing complete solutions.
copper clad aluminum foil
We are professional copper clad aluminum suppliers,we supply high quality copper clad aluminum plate strip foil.