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copper clad aluminum tube pipe
The outer layer of the copper clad aluminum tube we produce is aluminum, the inner layer is copper, and the middle is a copper-aluminum metallurgical bonding layer. It has the advantages of good bonding performance, high wear resistance, low friction coefficient, good self-lubricating effect and low cost, etc. : Can be used for heat exchange projects and air conditioning, refrigerator heat exchange pipe.

copper clad aluminum tube

copper clad aluminum pipe is mainly used to replace or replace pure copper pipes. In air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, the corrosion of the refrigerant and copper should hardly occur, so copper tubes have been widely used. Due to the strong permeability of refrigerants such as Freon, if pure aluminum tubes are used, the leakage phenomenon is likely to occur due to inclusions, cracks, and line defects in the material. The main structure of the air-conditioning evaporator and the condenser is composed of a tube carrying a refrigerant and an aluminum radiating fin on the heat-radiating fin. The use of a material with a higher thermal conductivity for the heat radiating fin is helpful for improving the heat conduction efficiency. The traditional air conditioning refrigerant carrier is a copper tube and the heat sink is aluminum. The thermal conductivity of copper is about 1.9 times that of aluminum, and the specific heat of aluminum is 2.3 times that of copper. That is, the instantaneous heat absorption capacity of copper is better than that of aluminum, but the heat dissipation capacity is worse than that of aluminum. The copper clad aluminum tube concentrates the advantages of copper and aluminum. The copper pipe is used as the inner pipe of the product, and the aluminum pipe is used as the outer pipe. The metallurgical bonding between the pipes is achieved through a special process.

aluminum clad copper tube

aluminum clad copper tube

The application of copper clad aluminum pipe and its significance:
1. Significantly reduce copper resources and increase economic efficiency.
2. Excellent heat exchange performance.
3. The promotion of related industries.
4. It is conducive to environmental protection.
5. The safety of air-conditioned refrigerators has improved.
6. It helps to prolong the service life of refrigeration products.
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