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Copper Clad Steel Wire (CCS Wire)
Copper clad steel wire (CCS Wire) is a composite conductor material typically used in telecommunications and electrical applications. It consists of a core made of steel and an outer layer of copper. The steel core provides strength and durability, while the copper coating facilitates excellent electrical conductivity. Our diameter range: 0.06mm - 0.9mm.

copper clad steel wires

Advantages of copper clad steel wire

Cost-effectiveness: Copper is more expensive than steel. By using steel as the core material, the overall cost of the wire is reduced while still maintaining good electrical conductivity.
Strength: Steel provides mechanical strength to the wire, making it more resilient to stretching and breakage compared to pure copper wire.
copper clad steel wire structurer
Corrosion resistance: The copper coating protects the steel core from corrosion, extending the lifespan of the wire, particularly in outdoor or harsh environments.
Electrical conductivity: While not as conductive as pure copper, CCS still offers good electrical conductivity, suitable for many applications, including telecommunications and power transmission.

CCS wire copper content
CCS wire copper ratio
Weight reduction: Steel is denser than copper, so using a steel core reduces the weight of the wire while still providing the necessary strength.
Strand construction Elongation Tensile strength Diameter Lay direction Lay length DC-resistanceat 20℃
7x 0.16 CCSW Min.1% Min.750N/mm2 0.480+0.015mm S 10-14mm ≤317Ω/Km at 20℃
7x 0.18 CCSW Min.1% Min.750N/mm2 0.54+0.02mm S 7-9mm ≤250Ω/Km at 20℃
19x 0.12 CCSW Min.1% Min.750N/mm2 0.61±0.03mm S 10-14mm ≤203Ω/Km at 20℃
19x 0.18 CCSW Min.1% Min.750N/mm2 0.91±0.05mm S 10-14mm ≤87.8Ω/Km at 20℃
64x 0.10 CCSW Min.1% Min.750N/mm2 0.92±0.04mm S 18-22mm ≤94Ω/km at 20℃
5/0.13 CCAW Min.1% Min.750N/mm2 0.23-0.29mm S 5-7mm 640.7Ω/km at 20℃

Application of copper clad steel wire

We always seek to provide customers with the most innovative advanced technology, reliable high-end products and best services.copper clad steel wire have been widely used in automotive industry, industrial robot,medical equipment, railway, telecom industry, aerospace and other felds.
1. Limited TV subscriber line and nearhousehold wire coaxial conductor;

copper clad steel wire for tv
2. Computer LAN, access network cablefield conductor material;

copper clad steel wire for computer
3. Connectors for various electroniccomponents; power transmission andoverhead lines for telephone lines;

copper clad steel wire for conductor
4.  high temperature electronic wire conductor material;

copper clad steel wire for cable
5.  core line of high temperature radio frequency cable;

copper clad steel wire for electrical components
6.  electrified railway, rail line catenary, overhead line;
7.  the braided shielding wire for power cables; grounding rods for electricpower industry; conductor materials for medical equipment and equipment.

copper clad steel wire for medical equipment

Why choose us

Our CCS wire adopts advanced cladding welding and copper plating manufacturing technology.
The diameter precision of market product is ±5 %, our precision controlled to ±2 %. Whole inspection is adopted from raw materials to fnished products.

CCS wire details
24-hour constant temperature and humidity workshop and warehouseWorkshop temperature is controlled at 5-35 °C,humidity<70%Warehouse temperature is controlledat 5-30 'C,humidity < 70%.
We are a leading supplier of highly advanced Cu wires and alloy wires based products and solutionsdeveloped in close cooperation with customers for electrical components applications and thecable industry.
Our businesscovers Asia, Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and other places of the world.

CCS wire structurer
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