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Copper clad Aluminum Wire
Copper clad aluminum wire is made by coating the outer surface of the aluminum rod with a precision-rolled copper strip using cladding welding manufacturing technology and drawing it through multiple passes. It is widely used in electric power, communications, construction, automobile manufacturing and other industries.

copper clad aluminum wire

Benefits of copper clad aluminum wire

● Excellent conductivity: The conductivity of a CCA wire with a volume ratio of 10% is the same as that of pure copper wire at high frequencies above 5MHz; its DC conductivity is 65.0% lACS.
● Light weight: The density of CCA wire is only 37~40% of that of pure copper wire, and its length is 2.5~2.7 times that of pure copper wire of the same weight.
● Strong inter-metal bonding: A permanent inter-atomic metallurgical bond is achieved between two different metal materials, and the copper coating layer is evenly distributed.
● Good ductility and processability: It is more plastic than pure copper wire and can be drawn and annealed like a single metal wire; it can also be further processed into coppper clad aluminum enameled wire, electromagnetic wire, and silver-plated and tin-plated copper cladding aluminum wire.
● Economical, practical, green and environmentally friendly: saves copper materials, effectively reduces the production cost of cables, etc., and has no electroplating pollution.

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Features of copper clad aluminum wire

● The surface is bright, round and without any defects.
● t has the characteristics of low density of aluminum and good conductivity of copper.
● This bimetallic composite conductor is used as the inner conductor of coaxial cables and has high signal transmission characteristics.
● t has the advantages of light weight or high strength and low production cost.
● Compared with traditional pure copper wires: using copper clad aluminum can save a lot of copper resources, improve signal transmission performance, reduce cable production costs, and facilitate cable user construction.

copper clad aluminum wires

Application of copper clad aluminum wire

CCA wire can be widely used in data cables, power cables, computer cables, electromagnetic wires and power transmission, cable television signal transmission, large-capacity communication network signal transmission, control signal cables, audio signal cables, radio frequency cables, and light vehicle cables , welding cables, emergency mobile cables, TV excitation coils, deflection coils, ballast coils and many other fields.

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