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aluminum steel transition joints
The most common use of aluminum steel bi metal is marine aluminum steel transition joints.
as a transitional connection for hull structures. We produce aluminum clad steel plate using advanced metal dynamic clad technology, explosive composite method, and its production process is:

aluminum clad steel plate

aluminum clad steel sheet
1.Composite explosion of aluminum plate and steel plate.
2. Surface cleaning and leveling of aluminum clad steel sheet.
3. According to the customer's requirements, the aluminum clad steel plate is sawed into small pieces.
4. Derust the surface of sawed aluminum clad steel sheet.

aluminum steel transition joints

aluminum steel transition joints
It can realize direct welding between aluminum alloy components and steel structures and is widely used in shipbuilding, high-speed rail trains, automobiles and other industries. In these industries, aluminum alloys are mainly used to construct the upper structure of the hull or the car body, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing the weight and increasing the transport capacity. Compared with traditional rivets or bolts, the use of aluminum steel transition joints can be directly welded to achieve the connection between the aluminum alloy and steel structure, without drilling and other work. And due to the metallurgical bonding interface, aluminum steel transition joints have high strength, anti-electrochemical corrosion and other characteristics, and further improve the product's reliability and longevity.

aluminum clad steel plate

aluminum clad steel sheet
SJ 100: cost-effective; SJ 101: high bonding strength; SJ 200: ultra-high bonding strength and high temperature resistance. SJ 100 performance: interface bonding rate 100%; tensile strength> 75MPa; shear strength> 55MPa; maximum use temperature: 315°C × 30min

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