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Stainless steel clad carbon steel plates
Stainless steel clad carbon steel plates are a kind of high-efficiency energy-saving composite material with 2-20mm stainless steel integrally coated with carbon steel as the base and single or double sided. It can give full play to the characteristics of the two metal materials, not only the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, diamagnetic and decorative properties of stainless steel, but also the good weldability, formability, drawability and thermal conductivity of carbon steel. The material maintains high hardness while saving nickel-chromium alloy and reducing manufacturing costs, so it can completely replace or partially replace the use of stainless steel in various industries. Can be widely used in refining, petrochemical, machinery, shipbuilding, salt making, brewing, water conservancy and hydropower, environmental protection and other fields, with enormous social and economic benefits.

carbon steel clad with stainless steel

Stainless steel clad carbon steel plates
We use explosive welding technology to make Stainless steel clad carbon steel plates. carbon steel clad with stainless steel both the properties of stainless steel and the properties of carbon steel. It is of great significance to save alloy resources, reduce material consumption and reduce costs.

Like the explosion welding of nickel clad stainless steel plates, the larger the area of carbon steel clad with stainless steel, the larger the cladding, and the lower the explosive speed of the explosive. In order to reduce and eliminate the detonator area, a certain number of high explosive explosives are usually placed under the detonator. A certain amount of metal spacers are placed inside the gap between the two plates to ensure the uniformity of the gap distance.

stainless steel clad carbon steel plates

Mechanical properties of stainless steel clad carbon steel plates

No δt/Mpa δt/Mpa δt/Mpa δ/% Bending angle Impact toughness
1 495 561 520 18 180 63,7
2 491 537 505 19 180 85.3
3           100.9
average 493 549 513 18.5 180 83.3

Shear strength of stainless steel clad carbon steel plates

32 34 48 48 70 70 70 110
A 297 323 300 300 284 287 287 399
B 291 321 317 372 316 323 311 350

What is stainless steel?
Any steel that has high chemical stability in air, water, and various aqueous solutions of acids, bases, and salts, and which does not rust or corrode, is called stainless steel.
Stainless steel can be divided into: according to its chemical stability in different corrosive media.
(1) Ordinary stainless steel - steel that resists corrosion in air.
(2) Stainless acid-resistant steel - steel that resists corrosion in highly corrosive acid solutions.
The main components of stainless steel are Fe-Cr binary alloy and Fe-Cr-Ni ternary alloy, in which the Cr content is >12%. These elements give steel corrosion resistance.
There are more than one hundred varieties of stainless steel. In addition to corrosion resistance, there are also low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and magnetic stainless steel.

What is carbon steel?
Carbon steel is the largest and most widely used ferrous material in steel. Ships, vehicles, bridges, pressure vessels, mining equipment, construction, machinery, etc. are all in large quantities.
Carbon steel is an iron-carbon alloy (C content <1.3%), and also contains a small amount of manganese and silicon, as well as impurity elements such as sulfur and phosphorus. For some important carbon steels, it also contains some nickel. Elements such as copper and nitrogen.
Divided into ordinary carbon steel by mass (S content ≤0.050%, P content ≤0.045%), high quality carbon steel (S content ≤0.035%, P content ≤0.035%) and high quality carbon steel (S content ≤0.030 %, P content ≤ 0.030%).
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