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Copper clad aluminum plate sheet
The copper clad aluminum plate we produce use a new metal dynamic clad technology, it is a new technology developed from explosion processing technology. Explosives are used as energy sources. Instantaneous high-temperature and high-pressure can be obtained through detonation of explosives to generate high-voltage pulsed loads, which pushes one material to collide with another material at a high speed to achieve metallurgical bonding of the two metals. The combined zone presents wave-like metallurgy. Combine.

copper clad aluminum sheet

We produce copper clad aluminum sheet with good stability, excellent deep drawing and tensile properties, and can withstand bending even at 90 degrees without separation. At the same time with anti-corrosion, anti-wear, conductive thermal conductivity, beautiful, low cost and so on. The conductivity of more than 92% can completely replace pure copper, saving 64% in the same volume, so it is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. metal dynamic clad technology is not limited by the shape, thickness, and area of the processed material; high bonding strength; good mechanical processing performance; improved overall material properties; multi-layer material recombination; metal and nonmetal recombination; full use of different materials Material properties; saving precious metal, low cost, and low price.

copper clad aluminum plate

Product size: thickness 0.5mm~15.0mm, width ≤1000mm, length ≤3000mm.

As a new type of composite material, copper clad aluminum plates are widely used in various fields such as electronics, electrical appliances, electric power, metallurgical equipment, machinery, automobiles, transportation, construction and decoration, energy and daily necessities.

copper clad aluminum sheet

Here are some applications of copper clad aluminum plate:

The copper-aluminum radiator used for hot water heating has the advantages of good thermal conductivity, high pressure bearing capacity, strong corrosion resistance, etc. It is an ideal new type of radiator for residential development. Compared with other material radiators, its greatest feature is that it fundamentally solves the problem of anti-corrosion of radiators, and at the same time makes full use of the advantages of cheap aluminum and light weight.

copper clad aluminum plate

The copper clad aluminum sheet is used as a transition joint for the conductive part of the power supply part and the copper aluminum bus bar, the surface will not overheat and arc, so that the conductive performance is stable, the power loss is reduced, the life of the conductive plate is prolonged, and the maintenance replacement quantity is reduced. Low price.

copper clad aluminum sheet
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