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Titanium clad aluminum plate
Titanium and aluminum have high specific strength and specific stiffness, they are important structural materials on aerospace and spacecraft. However, the price of titanium is expensive, and a single aluminum can not meet the requirements of use. The appearance of titanium clad aluminum material perfectly solves the problem. This composite material has the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of titanium and aluminum, and its fatigue strength is much higher than that of the original alloy. It is a new material in the aerospace and aerospace fields.

titanium clad aluminum

The titanium clad aluminum plate we produce use explosive welding methods. We have advanced explosive welding technology and rich experience in the production of composite panels. The material of titanium is TAIM, the material of aluminum is LY12CZ, and the thickness is 2.5mm and 10mm respectively. After the explosion welding, the combined interface presents a sinusoidal waveform, and then the composite slab is heated to 480 ° C and then hot rolled. The rolling direction is parallel to the detonation direction, and is rolled from 12.5 mm to 2.5 mm after seven rolling.

Titanium and aluminum have certain difficulties in direct bonding by explosive welding, so it is common to use industrial pure aluminum as an intermediate layer when they are combined. This intermediate layer ultimately determines the strength properties of the weld. The aluminum intermediate layer greatly enhances the shaping of the titanium clad aluminum plate, so the use of the aluminum intermediate layer will have a favorable effect in the production of the titanium clad aluminum sheet.

Product size: thickness 1.0mm~12.0mm, width ≤1200mm, length can be adjusted within a certain range according to user needs.
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