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copper clad aluminum strip
In the production of copper clad aluminum strip, we adopt patented technology and are the first in the country to adopt large-band continuous rolling and on-line bright annealing processes, and the product quality is stable. High-composite strength, multi-pass and large-pressure rolling, copper and aluminum can be completely tightly combined, can not be stripped, and truly realize the copper and aluminum composite. The chemical composition is stable, and it can ensure the dimensional accuracy consistency and hardness uniformity of the entire coil.

copper clad aluminum strip

The production process of copper aluminum bimetal strips is: raw material cleaning - composite under high pressure - cleaning - vertical annealing - blooming - annealing - finishing rolling - to oil - sub-strip - leveling - Finished product inspection – packing.

The bimetallic strip aluminum and copper we produce undergoes rigorous quality inspection. The inspection items include: surface quality, bonding strength, resistivity, hardness, ratio of composite tape thickness, and mechanical properties.

copper aluminum bimetal strips

bimetallic strip aluminum and copper

The main application of copper clad aluminum strip are copper clad aluminum decoration, copper-aluminum transformers, solar panels, and heat-dissipation materials. In terms of heat-dissipating materials, as technology continues to advance, many applications require higher requirements for heat-dissipating materials. In addition to good heat-dissipating properties, good electrical conductivity, weldability, and ease of processing are required. Therefore, single-metal aluminum is required. Or copper, etc., It can not meet the needs of users better. At present, many household appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, computers, automobiles, and power generation, electronic equipment boxes, etc., use copper-clad aluminum heat sink materials.
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