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bimetallic copper aluminum washer
The bimetal al-cu washers we produce use advanced solid-liquid processing technology to make copper and aluminum permanently and firmly bonded in an oxygen-free environment. The bimetallic washer has one side of copper and one side of aluminum. The ratio of copper and aluminum is 80:20, (80% of aluminum, 20% of copper), bimetal washer are mainly used for copper-aluminum transitional connection, avoiding the direct connection of copper and aluminum to produce electrochemical corrosion between copper and aluminum, and the resistance increases, which leads to various power accidents caused by local heating of the circuit. Currently used in reactors, lithium batteries, electrical components and so on.

bimetallic washer

Copper and aluminum are the most widely used conductor materials in the electrical field. Inevitably, electrical connections between the two copper and aluminum materials are inevitable. As we all know, in the electrolyte, galvanic cells formed of two metals with different standard potential, is the most typical form of electrification, especially when the potential difference between the two is greater than 0. 75V, galvanic corrosion becomes very active. In electrical engineering, the terminals of many devices are made of aluminum, and the wires are made of copper. There are also many devices whose terminals are made of copper and the wires are made of aluminum. The existing copper-aluminum transitional connection is mainly achieved through a copper-aluminum transitional plate, a copper-aluminum transitional wire, and a copper-aluminum connection terminal. Copper-aluminum transition plates, copper-aluminum alloy transition clamps, and copper-aluminum connection terminals are generally connected by flash welding, friction welding, brazing, pressure welding, etc. Usually, joints are difficult to achieve full metallurgical bonding. High scrap rate, low bonding strength, and large consumption of copper materials are prone to cracking and can result in high failure rates of equipment and power transmission lines.

bimetal al-cu washers

Code Reference D1
BWM10 RBM M10 22 10,5 1,5  
BWM12 RBM M12 25 12,5 2,0  
BWM6 RBM M6 15 6,5 1,0  
BWM8 RBM M8 18 8,5 1,0  
BW100 PBM 100x100 100 100 1,0  
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