Bimetallic parallel groove clamps details
As a professional copper clad aluminum manufacturer, we produce copper clad aluminum sheet, copper clad aluminum busbar, and also produce finished products for electrical equipment.Let's take a look at one of our products in detail,bimetallic parallel groove clamps.

It is used in electrical equipment, connecting wires and aluminum wires,The bimetallic parallel groove clamp has two grooves, one groove is covered with a copper layer for connecting the copper wire, and the other groove is an aluminum layer for connecting the aluminum wire.

copper aluminum bimetal parallel groove clamps for sale

Bimetallic parallel groove clamps is made of copper clad aluminum busbar,The thickness of the copper clad aluminum busbar is usually 10-14mm,and the thickness of the copper layer is 1mm.Copper clad aluminum bus bars are machined into bimetallic parallel groove clamps.Its common specifications are the following two:

Model Suitable wire cross-sectional area(mm²) Size(mm)
L L1 B
JB-TL-16-120 16-120 45 66 48
JB-TL-50-240 50-240 45 71 60

Size can be customized according to customer needs, please feel free to consult.