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Bimetallic bi-metal parallel groove clamps voltage
Bi-metal Parallel Groove Clamps are designed to connect two parallel conductors in order to do a derivation of a secondary conductor or to close a loop of one conductor to fit it on an insulator.These connectors are composed of two parts, an upper body and lower body. They have two parallel grooves to receive the conductors.

bimetallic clamps

bimetallic clampsbimetallic clamps

bi-metal parallel groove clampsbi-metal parallel groove clamps

In aluminium clamps, the two bodies are made out of high strength aluminium alloy. Copper clamps are made out of high strength electrolytic copper. In bimetallic clamps, the two bodies are made out of high strength aluminium alloy, and to tight a copper conductor, one groove is made with laminated “Cupal” plate welded by hot forging which makes molecular link.

To avoid corrosion between conductor and clamp, the border of the copper plating is protected by UV-proof varnish. The bolts are made out of hard steel and hot-dip galvanized.To warranty a reliable tightening,   a spring washer and a pressure pad are inserted under the bolt head of the clamp.


Place of Origin: Zhengzhou, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Hejin Model Number: CAPG series
Application: Power Bolt Qty.: 1/2/3 Material: CU-AL
Bolt diameter: 8MM Nuts' shape: Hexagon    


Modle Conductor Cross-section(mm2)  Bolts
  CAPG-A1   Cu 6-50 Al 16-70   1×M8×40
  CAPG-A2   Cu 10-95 Al 25-150   1×M8×45
  CAPG-B1   Cu 6-50 Al 16-70   2×M8×45
  CAPG-B2   Cu 10-95 Al 25-150   2×M8×50
  CAPG-B3   Cu 25-185 Al 35-200   2×M10×60
  CAPG-C1   Cu 6-50 Al 16-70   3×M8×45
  CAPG-C2   Cu 10-95 Al 25-150   3×M8×50
  CAPG-C3   Cu 25-185 Al 35-240   3×M10×60
  CAPG-C4   Cu 35-240 Al 35-300   3×M10×70

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