Stability of explosive welding of copper clad aluminum
The factors affecting the stability of copper clad aluminum explosive welding are as follows:

1.    Uneven placement of explosives
In the current explosive welding process, powdered amine salts or ammonium explosives are mostly used. The former is easy to absorb moisture and form agglomerates of different sizes. In the latter, liquids are also easy to form agglomerates of different sizes. In these two conditions, the thickness of the explosive is difficult to be uniform during the placement.

Copper clad aluminum (cca)

2.    Unstable explosion of explosives
As with any material movement, the explosion of explosives also occurs, develops, persists, and dies. In the four stages of the process, the waveform of the combined area is from scratch, from small to large, and continues to change, and the waveform increases when the front end explosion ends. The bonding strength of the position corresponding to this is undoubtedly different, showing significant unevenness. This unevenness naturally also causes unevenness in bonding strength.

3.    High speed of copper clad aluminum explosive welding process
The metal explosion welding process is quite fast, and its speed is comparable to the detonation speed, ie several kilometers per second. At such a high speed, the gas in the gap is difficult to discharge in time and completely. The residual gas is either compressed, causing a molten layer, or disturbing the waveform to cause a wave. The unevenness of the structure of these bonding areas naturally causes uneven bonding strength.

4.    High speed of explosive detonation
The higher the explosive speed of the explosive, the faster the explosion welding process. In fact, all macroscopic and microscopic defects in bimetallic plate, as well as problems in which the quality cannot meet the technical requirements, are related to the high explosive rate of explosives. This means that the problem of repeatability and stability of the explosion welding process is caused by the high explosion rate of the explosive.

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