Boundary effect of bimetallic plate explosion welding
There are many complicated and interesting mechanics in the application technology of metal explosion welding: energy problem, boundary effect is one of them.

There are many macroscopic phenomena that attract attention when bimetallic plate and bimetallic tubes are implemented after the explosion welding process. Among them, the boundary effect bears the brunt.

aluminum stainless steel metal

1.    The macroscopic morphology of the boundary effect phenomenon

(1)    For bimetallic plate, for example: titanium clad steel plate, copper clad aluminum bus bars, and both sides and front ends after explosion welding are severely cracked.
(2)    For the bimetallic tubes, in addition to the front end being injured and cracked, the entire bimetallic tubes are in the shape of a gourd, and the inner hole of the mold for the explosion-welding of the bimetallic tubes also exhibits such deformation.

2.    Influence of boundary effects
For bimetallic sheet, the effects of boundary effects can be summarized as follows:
(1)    From the point of view of use, the bimetallic sheet must remove the range and area of the boundary effect area before processing and manufacturing equipment. Therefore, the size of the boundary effect is directly related to the area that the bimetallic sheet can effectively utilize. The larger the boundary effect zone, the smaller the effective utilization area of the bimetallic sheet.
(2)    The larger the boundary effect area, the more parts of the bimetallic sheet that are removed, and the greater the loss of metal.
(3)    The boundary effect area is often poorly welded, so it directly affects the bonding area ratio of the bimetallic sheet. The larger the boundary effect area, the smaller the combined area ratio.

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