Buy copper clad aluminum board
Copper clad aluminum plate(also called copper clad aluminum busbar) and steel clad aluminum plate are our main products, which can be processed into various finished products. For example: copper aluminum washer, aluminum steel transition joints,etc. The products used in power, shipbuilding and other industries。

copper clad aluminum washer

In the processing of copper clad aluminum sheets, some problems sometimes occur, such as cold-rolled edge cracks, which are caused by:
1.There is a crack in the edge of the material.
2. The raw material grains are coarse.
3. The processing rate of the pass is large.
4. The total processing rate is large.
5. The rolling tension is large.

The solutions are:
1.Cut off the cracks in the edges of the material.
2.Reduce the processing rate of the pass, according to the equipment, the general pass processing rate does not exceed 30%.
3.Cold rolling to a certain extent should be annealed in time. The total processing rate of copper and H90 and above low zinc alloy can exceed 90%. The total price power of other alloys generally does not exceed 80%, especially not more than 60%, such as HPb59- 1 and so on.
4.Reasonably control the rolling tension to avoid cracks due to the presence of edge defects when the tension is too large.