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Shipbuilding aluminum steel bi metal transition joints plate
With the continuous development of the shipbuilding market, the number of high-speed ships built each year is increasing. Most ships of this type of ship are steel structures. The superstructure belongs to the aluminum alloy structure. The connection between the two was previously riveted, and now the vast majority The aluminum alloy steel superstructure and steel main hull are welded using aluminum steel clad plate. This improvement not only enhances the structure but also greatly simplifies the construction process.

aluminum steel transition joints

Compared with traditional rivets or bolts, the use of aluminum steel transition joints can be directly welded to achieve the connection between the aluminum alloy and steel structure, without drilling and other work. And due to the metallurgical bonding interface, aluminum steel transition joints have high strength, anti-electrochemical corrosion and other characteristics, and further improve the product's reliability and longevity.

aluminum steel clad plate

Aluminum steel transition joints installation process:
The aluminum steel clad plate is composed of three layers of different material structures. The base layer is welded with the marine joint steel, the composite layer and the aluminum alloy plate are welded, and the intermediate layer plays a role of transitional connection. The base layer of the aluminum steel clad plate is directly welded to the steel main hull deck for constant-current welding of carbon dioxide gas. The aluminum alloy steel joint aluminum alloy superstructure is directly welded to the aluminum alloy superstructure by argon arc welding. Because the aluminum steel transition joints needs to be welded together with the aluminum alloy superstructure and the steel deck of the marine joint, the welding process needs to meet the welding process requirements of aluminum alloy argon arc welding and carbon dioxide gas shielded welding. Welding of different materials should use different welding equipment and welding parameters to ensure welding quality. Before welding, it is necessary to do a good job in preparation of joint scribing, assembly and positioning, and grinding and rust removal. During the welding process, the welding voltage, current, and welding speed are strictly controlled to ensure the quality of the weld.

aluminum steel clad plate

The mechanical properties of aluminum steel transition joints include the manufacturing quality of the composite material and the mechanical properties of the entire transition joint after welding. The former is entirely determined by the quality of the explosion compound and generally meets the requirements. It can also be tested by ultrasonic flaw detection. The latter is closely related to the design and construction process.
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