Explosive welding process of bi metal welding strips
The bi metal welding strips produced by our company adopts explosive welding technology, and the products produced include: bimetal plate, bimetal pipe, bi metal profiles and so on.
Explosive welding is a highly practical high-tech that uses explosives as an energy source for metal-to-metal welding and metal composites. Its greatest feature is the ability to combine the same, especially different and arbitrary metal combinations in a single, simple, rapid and strong weld. Its greatest use is in the manufacture of large-area combinations of bi metal wedling strips and multi-metal composites in a variety of shapes, sizes and applications.

bi metal welding strips
Explosive welding has many features and advantages. Among them, compared with welding processes such as electric welding, gas welding, argon arc welding, etc., explosive welding does not require special equipment, and the operation and process are simple. Its energy is cheap explosive. Compared with rolling, surfacing, casting, extrusion, drawing, electroplating, coating, powder metallurgy and other methods of producing composite materials, explosive welding has the characteristics of simple, rapid, high bonding strength, large size and low cost. As a means of producing composite materials, as long as there are metal materials, explosives and explosive fields, welding of any of the same or different metal materials can be carried out. As well as testing and production of plates, tubes, strips, foils, wires,bi metal profiles and shaped parts of a wide variety of shapes and sizes, such as bimetallic, and polymetallic.

There are dozens of new processes consisting of explosive welding combined with press working and machining. They are the compounding, welding and forming of metal materials, providing a number of irreplaceable new technical methods for making a large number of aluminum steel transition joints, bimetallic and polymetallic parts, and new structural material systems.

bi metal profiles

Bi metal welding strips explosive welding process
1.Preparation of metal materials for the cladding and substrate (including surface cleaning treatment).
2. Preparation of explosives, medicine frames, spacers and protective layers.
3. Process installation on sand foundation.
4. Explode the weld with a suitable detonation method.
5. Inspection of the surface and appearance quality of the composite panel.
6. Ultrasonic non-destructive testing.
7. Forming, cutting or turning
8. Heat treatment as needed.
9. Packaging and shipping.
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