Copper clad steel plate sheet
We are copper clad steel manufacturer,we supply high quality copper clad steel plate sheet and copper clad stainless steel plate sheets.
aluminum steel transition joints
We export aluminum steel transition joints(aluminum clad steel plate sheet) for the connection of hull structures.
Aluminum stainless steel transition joints
We export high quality stainless steel aluminum transition joints and widely praised by the market.
aluminium steel bimetallic strip
We produce high quality aluminium steel bimetallic strips with short production cycles and guaranteed quality.
aluminum clad steel plate sheet
We are professional aluminum steel bi metal manufacturer and supplier,we offer hight quality aluminum clad steel plates sheets.
copper clad aluminum tube pipe
We offer high quality copper clad aluminium tube pipe with reasonable price.
bimetallic copper aluminum washer
We are professional bimetal washers supplier´╝î we supply high quality bimetallic al-cu washers.
copper clad aluminum strip
We produce and supply high quality bimetallic plate strip aluminum and copper while providing complete solutions.