Process introduction of copper clad aluminum sheet
As a new type of composite material, copper clad aluminum sheet not only has the advantages of copper's electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, low contact resistance, and beautiful appearance, but also has the advantages of aluminum's light weight, corrosion resistance and economy.The copper clad aluminum sheet produced by hot-melt rolling composite technology can replace copper materials due to its comprehensive properties such as low junction surface transition resistance and low thermal resistance, corrosion resistance, ductility and formability, and is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, and power , Metallurgical equipment, machinery, automotive, energy and daily necessities.

The production process of copper clad aluminum plate can be divided into the following steps:

(1) Raw materials: Select the thickness and width of aluminum and copper strips as required;

(2) Surface treatment: Surface polishing of aluminum strip and copper strip respectively;

(3) Heating: heating the aluminum sheet and copper sheet in the upper and lower heating furnaces respectively;

(4) Rolling and compounding: The heated aluminum sheets and the copper sheets are synchronously entered into the rolling mill for rolling and compounding to obtain a copper clad aluminum plate;

(5) Annealing: Annealing the copper clad aluminum plate after hot-rolled lamination, the annealing adopts the hood heating process;

(6) Slitting: The annealed copper clad aluminum plate is cooled to room temperature and slit into flat plates.