Combination of production technology for bimetallic plates
As we all know, metal composite materials have many characteristics and advantages, which is a new direction of materials science and its engineering applications. So far, there are many ways to produce such materials.

The methods for producing bimetallic plate mainly include explosive welding method and rolling method, and each of them has advantages and disadvantages. The rolling method requires a large-scale rolling mill. The process is complicated and the variety is small, but the product size is large and can be mass-produced. The explosive welding method does not require rolling equipment, and the process is simple and has many varieties, but the product size is limited, and mass production is difficult.

Al/Cu bi-metal

If explosive welding technology and rolling method are combined to produce bimetallic plates, the advantages of the two will be combined to improve product quality and production efficiency. The specific method is to produce the slab of the bimetallic plats by the explosive welding method, and then the slab is rolled by a rolling mill to obtain bimetallic sheet, bimetallic strips and bimetallic foils of various varieties, specifications and sizes.

Therefore, the combination of explosive welding technology and rolling method can produce bimetallic plates of any variety, size and size at low cost and high quality. Our copper clad aluminum and steel clad aluminum use explosive welding technology. You are welcome to consult and purchase.