Electrical equipment requirements for bimetallic sheet
Our bimetallic sheet is often used in electrical equipment,such as copper clad aluminum busbar, So what conditions does it need to apply to electrical equipment?

single sided copper clad pcb board

The requirements of the electrical equipment for the copper clad aluminum busbar are mainly its current carrying capacity and the requirement of dynamic thermal stability in the event of a short-circuit fault, that is to say its electrical and mechanical properties. Copper and aluminum are good conductive materials, but the surface of the copper and aluminum busbar is easily oxidized, and the joints are liable to cause poor contact failure. At the same time, due to the small hardness, the time after the fastening of the lap joint is long will naturally loosen, resulting in poor contact failure. Therefore, 98% of current-carrying conductors in electrical equipment currently use copper bars.

double sided copper clad pcb

The copper clad aluminum busbar has the same surface oxidation resistance and contact resistance as the copper row. As long as the thickness of the copper layer meets certain requirements, its electrical conductivity and mechanical properties are close to the copper busbar, which can meet the requirements of electrical equipment.