Single sided copper clad board application
Our copper clad aluminum sheet is divided into single sided copper clad board and double sided copper clad board, both of which are used for power distribution equipment and electronic control equipment. Let's talk about the use of single sided copper clad board.

double sided copper clad board

The main applications of single sided copper clad board are electrical conduction, decoration and communication.

In terms of decoration, the usual metal materials are made of pure copper or pure aluminum. The price of copper is expensive, so the cost of using copper as a decorative material is too high. Therefore, with a single-sided c single sided copper clad board, it is possible to achieve aesthetics and cost. For example, a single sided copper clad board is used to make the door, even if the door has a copper appearance, which reduces the budget.

In terms of electrical equipment, The effect of aluminum is not as good as copper, The effect of aluminum for power fittings is not very good. The single sided copper clad board bimetallic sheet developed by our company can reduce the cost and also combine the connection of copper and aluminum, which makes the conductive function more remarkable.