Explosion welding aluminum to steel
Explosion welding aluminum to steel, also known as aluminum steel transition joints, are usually used for hull construction. The upper aluminum alloy superstructure is connected to the hull and the steel main hull structure is connected below.

We produce explosion welding aluminum to steel, the aluminum alloy layer is made of 5083 aluminum alloy, and the steel layer is CCS. 5083 aluminum alloy is a typical rust-proof aluminum, corrosion-resistant, well-formed and suitable for use in the marine environment. Steel and aluminum composites We use an explosive welding process.

explosion welding aluminum to steel

Explosive welding is a metal welding process that combines pressure welding, fusion welding and diffusion welding with explosives as an energy source. The explosive welding process of aluminum steel transition joints can be described as follows:

Explosives, detonators, aluminum plates and steel plates are installed on the ground in the field. After the explosives between the steel plates and the aluminum plates are detonated by the detonators, the explosive chemical reaction of the explosives propagates forward at a detonation speed after a period of acceleration. With the advancement of detonation waves and the rapid expansion of explosive products, the chemical energy of explosives is mostly converted into kinetic energy of high-speed motion detonation waves and explosive products. At the same time as the gas between the steel plate and the aluminum plate is quickly and completely discharged, the aluminum plate and the steel plate immediately collide at the contact point. In this process, on the contact faces of the two plates, due to the formation of waves, the metal undergoes strong deformation deformation due to the action of the impact.

explosion welding aluminum to steel

Thus, when the metal on the interface is rapidly condensed, a bonding zone is formed on the interface, and there are metal deformation characteristics and melting characteristics. This is the formation process of explosion welding aluminum to steel.

Explosive welding generally refers to explosive welding between large-area metal plates. Explosive welding of other shapes and forms of metallic materials, such as tubes and tubes, tubes and plates, explosive welding of parts and parts, and partial explosive welding, although not identical in form, the process of explosive welding is similar.

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