Explosion-bonded aluminum stainless steel
Our company uses the explosive welding method to produce and supply explosion-bonded aluminum stainless steel. The products are sold at home and abroad and are highly praised.

With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more places need to use a variety of corrosion-resistant, high-temperature, wear-resistant plates, rods or tubes made of stainless steel, various rare metals, non-ferrous metals to make some Special equipment or components. These equipment and components, if all use high-quality materials, will inevitably increase the cost. It is ideal if you can coat a common metal with a special layer of material to support bimetallic materials. However, the use of the usual rolling method, fusion welding and other methods to produce explosion-bonded aluminum stainless steel will be very restrictive, and the explosive welding method opens up new avenues.

explosion-bonded aluminum stainless steel

Explosive welding principle
Explosive welding is a process that uses explosive detonation as an energy source to coat metal sheets of different properties on the surface of selected metal sheets. The explosive welding device consists of a substrate and a cladding plate, a detonating device, an explosive and a buffer layer.

Due to the different types of metal plates, the variety of explosives and the amount of charge per unit area will be different, and the final welding results will be very different. In general, a strong weld bond zone can be divided into the following three types: 1. Direct bonding of metal to metal. 2. Form a uniform continuous molten layer. 3. Wave-like combination. The test proves that the wave-bonded welding quality is the best. In order to obtain the wave-shaped welding interface, it is necessary to select different kinds and quantities of explosives according to different substrates and select different installation positions, that is, the explosive welding parameters must be selected reasonably. If the welding parameters are not properly selected, the welding quality will be greatly reduced.

In the explosion-bonded aluminum stainless steel test and production, the explosive welding parameters should be correctly selected and determined first. It has been proved that reasonable selection of the explosive welding parameters is the key to achieving welding and obtaining good welding quality. The main parameters of welding, according to the explosive welding device, process and results, can be divided into three types: initial parameters, dynamic parameters and combined parameters.