Copper to aluminum bus bar connections
Copper clad aluminum busbar is used as a high-current conductor material, mainly used in electrical control, power distribution and other equipment.

Power distribution equipment includes: medium and low voltage switchgear, box type substation, medium voltage enclosed busbar, low voltage busway, transformer, reactor and so on.

copper to aluminum bus bar connections

The electronic control equipment includes: new energy control equipment such as wind power photovoltaic; power supply equipment such as communication, electrolysis and electroplating; petrochemical refinery control equipment such as oil drilling rig and smelting; metallurgical control such as mine lifting, various speed control equipment and other transmission control equipment and rolling mill device.

Power distribution equipment is widely used in power supply in high-rise buildings, modern factories, commercial plazas, rail transit and other industries. Electronic control equipment is widely used in the operation control of various machinery and equipment in the manufacturing industry.

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