Copper clad stainless steel process
Explosive welding is a common method of producing bimetallic sheet,our bimetallic sheet produced by explosive welding include : copper clad aluminum sheet,copper clad stainless steel plate,etc. The process of explosive welding has the following characteristics:

1.    Since explosive welding is cold-worked, it can produce a variety of metal bimetallic sheet, such as: copper clad stainless steel , copper clad aluminum, steel clad aluminum.

2.    Explosive welding can produce bimetallic sheet with a thickness of several hundred millimeters, but it is not suitable for the production of bimetallic sheet of less than 10 mm. Hot-rolling production process is recommended for bimetlalic plates below 10mm.

3.    Explosive welding utilizes the energy production of explosives, which is less efficient due to process limitations.