Advantages of copper clad aluminum radiator
The copper clad aluminum radiator has gradually become the mainstream. What advantages does it have?
1.It is safe and durable and has a wide range of use.
Copper is also a kind of inert metal from a chemical point of view. It has good stability and strong anti-oxidation corrosion resistance. The service life of copper clad aluminum radiator is up to 30 years, and the life of the steel heater is usually about 15 years.
2.Fast heating, high efficiency and energy saving
Copper and aluminum are very fast thermal conductive metals. Copper and aluminum are connected by hydraulic expansion tubes, without thermal resistance.

copper clad aluminum radiator
3.Smooth surface and beautiful appearance.
The surface of the aluminum profile is smooth and various, such as plane, arc, unity column, double waterway. Compared with the cast iron, the copper clad aluminum radiator is higher, can reach 1850mm, and save the low space.
4.Light weight, easy to install and carry.
The main material of the copper clad aluminum radiator is aluminum, the aluminum profile is low, the weight is light, the metal heat is high, it is 2 times of the steel heater and 3-4 times the cast iron. Light weight reduces transportation cost and facilitates installation.