Application of copper clad aluminum in lithium battery
Copper clad aluminum materials are widely used, such as electricity, transportation, and decoration. Today, I will introduce the application of copper clad aluminum materials on lithium batteries.

With the rapid development of the lithium battery automobile industry, the problem of PACK connection of lithium batteries has become more and more prominent. There are thousands of battery packs on the bus, and the positive and negative electrodes of the battery are made of aluminum foil and copper foil. How to achieve a safe and reliable connection of lithium battery packs is a technology that needs to be mastered in the development of lithium battery vehicles.

copper clad aluminum material for lithium

Our company has developed a bimetallic sheet material with two lithium batteries connected. They are coppe clad aluminum pillar materials and copper clad aluminum translate sheets.

Copper clad aluminum pillar materials: Made of 3mm copper and 10mm aluminum, it can be joined by a normal laser welding process.

Copper clad aluminum translate sheet: A 10mm copper strip is laminated in the middle of the aluminum plate. The copper strip is connected to the copper rivet through the copper rivet, and the aluminum plates on both sides complete the series and parallel connection between the single cells.

Product Size:
Customized according to user needs.

High composite strength, metallurgical bonding between copper and aluminum, no contact resistance between copper and aluminum, stable and reliable quality.

Technical Parameters:
Composite strength: ≥100Mpa