Copper clad aluminum material market application status
In the past ten years, the rise of copper prices has accelerated the development of copper clad aluminum material, and the application fields of copper clad aluminum material have gradually expanded. They can be used in heat-conducting, heat-dissipation, communication shielding, power and electrical industries, and are expected to form a huge industry.

copper clad aluminum material

1. Semi-melting technology effectively solves the copper and aluminum oxidation and eutectic problems in copper clad aluminum material. It is the development trend of copper clad aluminum material preparation technology.

2. At present, the main application direction of copper clad aluminum plate and foil material is in applications such as LED heat-dissipating substrates, electric industry heat-dissipating fins, shielded cable foils, copper-aluminum composite transition joints, copper-aluminum composite rows, and decorative strips. Development and promotion prospects.

3. The application research of copper clad aluminum material is a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive subject involving electrical, mechanical, communications, welding, heat transfer, heat dissipation, electroplating, weathering, testing and other specialties. It is still at the initial stage of research.

Copper clad aluminum plate with foil material, as a new type of material, there are many unknown applications, and urgent need for research and application development.