How to choose copper clad aluminum bus bars
Copper clad aluminum busbar is a kind of copper clad aluminum material. One of our main products, how do customers choose copper clad aluminum busbar? Let's explain it.

The thicker the copper layer, the better its electrical conductivity and mechanical properties, but the more difficult it is to process, the higher the cost. After extensive testing and computer software analysis, when the copper layer area accounts for 20% of the entire section, the cost performance is the highest.

copper clad aluminum busbar for electrical equipment

When the copper layer is too thin, only the problem of poor oxidation resistance of the copper busbar surface is solved. The conductivity and hardness are slightly higher than that of the aluminum busbar, which is much lower than that of the copper busbar, and does not solve the problem of low hardness and low conductivity. Its electrical and mechanical properties are not a substitute for copper busbar.

When the thickness of the copper layer accounts for 20% of the entire section, the electrical conductivity can reach more than 90, and the tensile strength is close to that of the copper busbar, which is much higher than that of the aluminum busbar. The desired effect can be achieved without changing the structure and dimensions of the electrical equipment.