Explosive welding technology of copper clad aluminum manufacturers
We are a professional copper clad aluminum manufacturers, copper clad aluminum plate, copper clad aluminum busbar are our main product. We use advanced explosive welding technology to make copper clad aluminum materials. What are the characteristics of explosive welding composite technology:
Explosive welding of composite materials belongs to the welding of a technical material. This welding technology is used in professional copper clad aluminum manufacturers. It has to study the general laws of welding and the special laws of welding. Therefore, the development of such welding technology is very meaningful on the one hand, and has great difficulties on the other hand. The difference in physical and chemical properties between two different metal materials affects the weldability between them to varying degrees.

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1.Effect of crystallization chemistry
This effect refers to the influence of the lattice type, lattice constant, atomic radius, and atomic outer layer electronic structure of the metal on the welding process, that is, the metallurgical incompatibility of the dissimilar metal welding. It determines the mutual solubility of different metals in liquid and solid state, and the formation of intermetallic compounds at high temperatures. If the mutual solubility is good, their weldability is good; if a compound is formed, the weldability may be poor, or welding may be made impossible.
2. The impact of physical properties
Physical properties include melting temperature, coefficient of linear expansion, thermal conductivity, and specific resistance. Their differences will affect the thermal cycling process and crystallization conditions of dissimilar metal welding, increase welding stress and deformation, and reduce welding quality. For example, when the melting points differ too much (such as aluminum-steel, etc.), it is also possible to make fusion butt welding impossible.

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3.The influence of metal surface state
Mainly refers to the nature of the surface oxide film and its changes during the welding process. In production practice, the oxide film adsorbs pollutants such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, water, oil and dust, which brings great difficulties to welding.
In short, explosive welding of composite materials has many special features. These particularities seem complicated, but they are simple. In short, it is possible to convert the explosion welding of any dissimilar metal into the welding of the same metal. Welded joints have high physical, mechanical and chemical properties and high reliability.

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