Copper clad aluminum sheet strip process
Copper clad aluminum sheet strip is our main product. We use a combination of solid and liquid copper and aluminum. It is calendered without air and other chemical components, and then rolled by a rolling mill to ensure high copper and aluminum. The combination of strengths provides customers with high quality alternatives to copper.

copper clad aluminum gutters

The advantages of our copper clad aluminum sheet strip:

1. Low cost and light specific gravity. Compared with pure copper, the same volume of copper clad aluminum sheet strip can save customers 60% of the cost, the proportion is 37%-40% of pure copper.

2. Excellent processing performance, its bending performance is better than the conductor of the same specification, easy to process, and due to the high bonding strength of the interface, copper and aluminum are not delaminated during shearing, punching and bending.

3. Excellent thermal conductivity, copper clad aluminum sheet strip can be cold-rolled into different thickness products. Because it is an oxygen-free metallurgical composite, it has no heat transfer contact thermal resistance, so it has good thermal conductivity of copper and aluminum metal.

4. Excellent electrical conductivity, conductivity is more than 90% of pure T2 copper, is the best choice to replace pure copper conductor.

5. It can be used in many fields instead of copper strips, such as copper aluminum composite conductive strips, industrial gaskets, transformers, solar collectors, radiators, copper gates, copper clad aluminum gutters , copper aluminum dovetail clad ,etc.

copper aluminum dovetail clad