Copper clad aluminum for sheet washer
The production process of copper clad aluminum sheet(also called copper clad aluminum busbar) has two kinds of explosive composite method and hot-melt rolling method. Our copper clad aluminum sheet adopts hot-melt rolling method, and the copper clad aluminum sheet produced by this process has higher bonding strength. The copper layer and the aluminum layer are not easily separated.In the production process, sometimes some defects, such as the surface bonding of the strip, are generally caused by the following:

copper clad aluminum for busbar

1.The strip surface is too rough.

2.The take-up tension is too large and the wrap is too tight.

3.The annealing temperature is too high or the holding time is too long.

4.The heating is not uniform during the heating process, and the amount of thermal expansion between the layers is different.

5.The cooling rate during the cooling process is faster, resulting in a different coefficient of contraction between the cooled outer and inner rolls.

The solutions are as follows:

1.At the time of coiling, especially before annealing, the tension should be moderate.

2.The heating and cooling rates are strictly controlled during the annealing process.

3.Properly reduce the annealing temperature or shorten the holding time.

4.Appropriately increase the smoothness of the rolls.