Copper clad aluminum busbar processing
The copper clad aluminum busbar has the mechanical processing performance similar to that of the pure copper row, so there is no special requirement for the user's processing equipment, but the copper clad aluminum busbar is composed of two kinds of metals after all, which is different from the single metal; the bonding strength is high If the processing method is not correct, it will also be layered. In order to ensure that the interface bonding strength is not destroyed during processing, the following matters should be noted in the processing.

copper clad aluminum bus bars

Cut off
1. Cut with a sawing machine
The machine uses a hydraulic sawing machine. The saw blade is made of a fine-toothed saw blade. In order to extend the use time of the saw blade, the sawing must be cooled with emulsion or soapy water. Sawing is the best cutting method for copper clad aluminum busbar.

2. Cut with a punch
(1) It is best to use flat cut.
(2) When the copper clad aluminum busbar is long, the bracket must be used to keep the workpiece and the mold in the same plane. When the workpiece with special requirements for the user is punched and cut with a punch, the mold needs special requirements: the upper and lower molds need to have a composite edge positioning block.

3. The copper cutting multi-station processing machine can be cut by straight cutting, otherwise the middle or both sides of the workpiece section will be seriously deformed, resulting in copper and aluminum layering.

1. Punching with punching machine, the punching die gap must be adjusted according to the requirements of copper clad aluminum bus bars material, especially when punching porous and special-shaped holes at the same time, the upper die of the mold must have a take-off pressing device.

Copper clad aluminum bus bars surface flatness accuracy requirements are high
• The punch part needs to be improved.
• When the porous pitch is <25mm, it is not possible to continuously punch with a single-hole mold, and it is necessary to punch with a porous die.
2. When punching with a copper row multi-station processing machine, not only the mold gap should be adjusted, but also the coaxiality of the punch and the concave mold should be ensured when the mold is closed.

3. Drilling with a drill press
(1) When drilling with a drilling machine, when going back to the drill bit after drilling or drilling, it should be lightly pressed to avoid layering of copper and aluminum at the bottom or top.
(2) The copper clad aluminum bus bars shall be placed in the lower part of the hole when drilling, and shall not be suspended.
(3) It must be cooled with emulsion or soapy water when drilling.
(4) When drilling with a hand drill, gently press down when drilling.