Why copper clad aluminium busbar use explosive welding
Both copper and aluminum are materials with good electrical conductivity. The copper reserves are small and expensive. Copper clad aluminium busbar use aluminum instead of copper in the power industry to save copper. It is an important technical measure.

The surface oxide film of copper is very strong and the resistivity is high. Mechanical connection between aluminum and copper is not reliable. Welding methods are needed to reduce the resistance and electrical energy consumption between them and the occurrence of accidents.

copper clad aluminium busbar

The melting points of aluminum and copper differ greatly, and aluminum is strongly oxidized at high temperatures. In addition, they are capable of forming intermetallic compounds. Because it is difficult to use fusion welding between copper and aluminum.

Since aluminum and copper themselves are well shaped, their transition joints can be made by pressure welding. The aluminum end of the transition joint and the aluminum conductor, the copper end and the copper conductor are respectively welded by fusion welding. Then the electrical conductors of aluminum and copper are firmly connected. The magical effect of this transition joint is that the welding of the variant metal is the welding of the same metal.

Pressure welding of copper and aluminum, such as resistance butt welding, flash butt welding, friction welding and diffusion welding, requires specialized equipment and strict processes, and some also add an intermediate layer. Because of the higher cost and limitations of the size and yield of the transition joints, these methods are difficult to promote.

copper clad aluminum

In comparison, explosive welding, with its unique advantages, can play an important role in the production of copper clad aluminum materials (copper clad aluminium plate, copper clad aluminum pipe, copper clad aluminum bar, etc.) with large areas and arbitrary thickness ratios.

We have many years of experience in research and production of copper clad aluminum, we use advanced explosive welding technology to produce copper clad aluminium busbar and have excellent quality.