Copper clad aluminum bus bars for Power distribution equipment
Henan Meisitu is a professional copper clad aluminum manufacturer,One of its products is copper clad aluminum busbar is often used in power distribution equipment.

Requirements of copper clad aluminum busbars for electronically controlled power distribution equipment:

1.Performance requirements: meet dynamic and thermal stability under temperature rise and short circuit conditions;

2.Environmental requirements: maximum and minimum temperature, humidity, altitude, etc .;

3.Processing requirements: normal shearing, punching and bending will not damage the copper aluminum bonding surface;

4.Requirements for reliability and life;

5.The conductor cross-section required for electronically controlled power distribution equipment ranges from 3x30 to 12x200 and requires more than 100 specifications. If the specifications are not complete, it cannot meet the user's selection requirements.

Copper clad aluminum bus bars are used as conductors for electrical control and distribution equipment, and must first meet the above basic requirements.Under this premise, the lower the cost, the better, that is, the shorter the process flow, the better, and the higher the production efficiency, the better.

After theoretical analysis and experimental verification, no matter it is a copper bar or copper clad aluminum busbar, as long as the cross-sectional area is selected properly, it can meet the performance requirements.To meet the requirements of the use environment and processing, the interface bonding strength and copper layer volume ratio of copper aluminum composite busbar must meet industry standards.As for the use reliability and life must be verified by tests.