The principle of wave formation in explosive welding
After the explosion of the bimetallic plate, for example, the cca copper clad aluminum, Not only the common combination zone waveforms, but also many different surface waveforms and bottom waveforms. So what are the reasons for these waves?

It is well known that these surface waveforms, interface waveforms and bottom surface waveforms on metallic materials are analyzed from the basic principles of metal physics. They are undoubtedly a special form of irreversible shaping deformation of metal under applied load. So what is the applied load in this specific case? The applied load is generated by the explosion of explosives. These waveforms are generated by the interaction of this load with the metal plate.

cca copper clad aluminum

It is known from the physics of explosion that the load formed by the explosion of explosives consists of three parts: detonation waves, explosive products and explosion heat. In the process of explosive welding, there is no direct contribution to the explosion, so there is only the energy of the detonation wave and the explosive product.

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