Buy copper clad aluminum sheet plate pcb
The copper clad aluminum plate produced by our company adopts hot-melt rolling technology. This technology greatly improves the peel strength of the bimetallic sheet, and does not crack or delaminate when the composite panel is processed.

buy copper clad aluminum pcb sheet

In the production process, sometimes some defects occur, such as cracks in the edges. In general, the reasons for it appear as follows:

1.The ingot heating temperature is low.
2.Poor metal plasticity.
3.Organized defects at the edge of the ingot.
4.High cooling strength during hot rolling.
5.The rolling temperature is low.

The solution:
1.Change the heating and hot rolling process parameters according to the characteristics of the alloy, and appropriately increase the temperature at which the ingot is discharged.
2.Reduce cooling lubrication.
3.Properly increase the rolling temperature.