Gap in bimetallic plate explosion welding
The gap in the explosive welding of bimetallic plate(such as:copper clad aluminum, copper clad stainless steel) is a certain size distance artificially designed and arranged between the cladding and the base layer after the coating and the base layer are supported in the process of the explosion welding.

1.The significance of gap in bimetallic plate explosive welding
The setting of the gap is one of the necessary conditions for metal explosion welding. It can be said that after there is sufficient chemical energy of the explosive, there is generally a gap between the metal and there is no gap, and there is no such welding.

bimetallic strip copper and steel

The root cause of explosive welding is that the chemical energy of the explosive cannot be directly supplied to the metal for welding. It must be achieved through the transfer, absorption, conversion and distribution of energy and welding between metals. In short, the process is accomplished and achieved in the gap by means of a high speed impact collision of the superstrate with the substrate. Therefore, the design of the gap distance between the superstrate and the substrate metal is one of the process parameters related to the success or failure of the explosion welding.

2.Movement pattern of the superstrate in the gap
The movement of the superstrate in the gap has three stages of acceleration, constant velocity and deceleration. The speed of movement of the superstrate in the gap is pulse accelerated. When the gap distance is within a certain range, the cover plate moves toward the substrate in the acceleration region, or in the constant velocity region, or in the deceleration region, and then collides with the substrate. In view of the stability of the process and the uniformity of the bonding quality, the impact between them should generally be controlled in the constant velocity zone.

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