Aluminum copper clad laminate sheet manufacturers
Many customers want to know the production process of our copper clad aluminum sheet. Our production process is:

Aluminum copper clad laminate sheet manufacturers

1.The aluminum ingot is completely melted into aluminum liquid and placed in a static furnace for standing.

2.After the aluminum liquid is filtered, it enters the composite zone, and the copper sheet is directly placed in the composite zone to be in contact with the surface of the aluminum liquid for bonding.

3.The copper clad aluminum sheet is continuously rolled.

Our production process has the following advantages:

1.Low production cost and low energy consumption.

2.The process is simple and the labor intensity is small.

3.Does not pollute the environment.

4.The copper clad aluminum sheet has a higher bonding strength and a more uniform bonding surface.

The process is more advanced, improving product quality while reducing costs.

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