Clad busbars bending and welding
Copper aluminum Clad busbars is a kind of composite conductive material with outer layer of copper and inner core of aluminum. It is widely used in electrical control and distribution equipment as a large-current current-carrying conductor. It is designed to replace copper strips and is as convenient as copper strips. and use. The copper aluminum Clad busbars has similar mechanical processing performance to the pure copper row. Attention should be paid to the following matters during bending and welding.

Clad Busbars

1. When the Clad busbars is bent, it is bent at the bending radius required by the table below, or larger than the size in the table.
2. The friction on the surface of the material should be minimized during the bending process.
3. The R angle of the bending die should be adjusted in time according to the thickness of the material.

1. The Clad busbars welding seam needs to remove 4-6 mm copper skin on both sides so that the aluminum part is exposed. As shown in Figure 10.
2. Part of the exposed aluminum and aluminum in the copper-aluminum composite row welded by the argon arc welding machine
3, sandblasting on the weld.
4, using a special copper thermal spraying machine for spraying.
5. Grind the copper powder sprayed at the weld to make it smooth and smooth.