Bimetal al cu coloring method
Since the bimetal al cu was put into use in the market, it has become popular with consumers. How does the copper-clad aluminum plate color?

There are four main methods:

(1) Chemical Oxidation Coloring: It is the color of the film formed by chemical oxidation in a specific solution. There are the dichromate method, the mixed sodium salt method, the sulfurization method, the acid oxidation method, and the alkaline oxidation method. In general, INCO is used more often, but in order to ensure that the color of a batch of products is consistent, reference electrodes must be used for control.

(2) Electrochemical staining: It is the color of the film formed by electrochemical oxidation in a specific solution.

Bimetal al cu

(3) Ion-deposition oxide coloring chemical method: The stainless steel workpiece is placed on a vacuum coating machine for vacuum evaporation deposition. This method is suitable for processing large quantities of products. Because of the large investment and high cost, small-volume products are uneconomical.

(4) high-temperature oxidation coloring method: in a specific molten salt, immersed in the workpiece to maintain a certain process parameters, the workpiece to form a certain thickness of oxide film, and showing a variety of different colors.