Aluminium - copper bimetal terminals
aluminium - copper bimetal terminals also called bimetallic copper aluminum joint, it is suitable for power distribution units and electrical equipment.such as: Transition connection between aluminum wire and copper port of electrical equipment, Transition connection between aluminum core cable and copper port of electrical equipment and so on.

aluminium - copper bimetal terminals

The aluminium - copper bimetal terminals is made of copper clad aluminum sheet, We produce copper clad aluminum sheet using hot melt rolling technology, The product has high welding strength, good electrical performance, anti-electrochemical corrosion and long service life.

For bimetallic sheet al-cu,The aluminum alloy is 1060, and its aluminum content is above 99.6%, it is a common industrial pure aluminum.The copper alloy is T2, Its copper content is above 99.9%.

For aluminium - copper bimetal terminals, You can purchase finished products from us, or purchase copper clad aluminum sheet for processing. The size of the bimetallic sheets can be customized according to customer requirements.