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Lithium battery copper aluminum connection connectors
Our company has developed two kinds of copper clad aluminum materials connected by lithium batteries through independent innovation, effectively solved the problem of PACK connection of lithium battery packs, and achieved a safe, reliable, lightweight and simple string and parallel connection of lithium battery packs.

copper aluminum connection

Copper aluminum connection is a copper-aluminum composite pillar material that is made of ≤3mm copper and ≤10mm aluminum plates. The copper of the negative copper is collected and connected, and the aluminum is connected to the external aluminum to form two exposed electrodes of the battery. Aluminum can be connected by a normal laser welding process; it is a patented product of our company.

copper aluminum connectors

The copper aluminum connectors is a composite copper strip with a thickness of about 10mm in the middle of the aluminum plate. The copper strip is connected with the inner copper through the copper rivets. The aluminum plates on both sides complete the serial and parallel connection between the cells. The product has the characteristics of high composite strength, no contact resistance between copper and aluminum, and stable and reliable quality.
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