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Bimetallic transition terminal clamps
Bimetallic transition terminal clamps are used to connect the bus lead-off line to the outlet terminals of electrical equipment (such as transformers, circuit breakers, transformers, disconnectors, wall bushings, etc.). It is suitable for electrical equipment and various wires and cables in indoor distribution equipment. The transitional connection avoids the electrochemical reaction in the copper aluminum connection, the contact resistance increases, and the joint burns out.

Bimetallic clamps

We use the most advanced copper aluminum composite technology, integrated molding, greatly reduce the risk of welding surface fracture, improve the high temperature, weather resistant ability; contact surface without welding, no solder residue, good electrical conductivity.

Bimetallic clamps

1. Transformer busbar transition connector.
2. Substations terminal transition connector.
3. Others transition connecting wire/cable with busbar.
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