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Aluminum copper clad sheet used for decorative materials
Copper has strong corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and color, widely used in the decorative industry (curtain walls, copper doors, copper plate painting, etc.). Bimetallic cu-al sheets are used to replace pure copper products, saving about 60% of copper materials per square meter, significantly saving precious copper resources, reducing product weight, reducing installation difficulty, and significantly reducing raw material costs. The brief introduction is as follows:

bimetallic cu-al sheets

aluminum copper clad sheet
Aluminum copper clad sheet size:
Thickness: 0.6-3.0mm, width 600-1000mm.
The composite has high strength and realizes surface composite between copper and aluminum. According to different uses, the material and material state of the substrate can be adjusted, and the comprehensive performance of the material can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different use occasions. It can be bent, drilled, deep-drawn and other processing.
Composite strength: ≥12N/mm,
Composite rate: 100%.
Tensile strength: 130-200Mpa, 90 degree bending without cracks.
Elongation rate:0-35%

aluminum copper clad sheet

bimetallic cu-al sheets
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